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Way to wear a scarf number 233854598745987…

It is ridiculously easy to change that winter scarf look into a fun spring/summer look!


Step 1: unfold your scarf (or untangle in my case since my son had found it and decided to play dress-up).

Step 2: Fold in half, short end to short end

Step 3: grab the top two corners and tie in a knot

Step 4: find the open edges and pull apart making a “front” and a “back”

Step 5: Put on and there ya go!


Scarf or Vest??



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Can’t Imagine   Leave a comment

“I cannot imagine” are words I have said in the past. I said these words when a coworker’s niece passed away unexpectedly at 18 months old due to meningitis. A parent should never have to lose a child. But I wasn’t a mother yet so I could not imagine.

Then barely 2 weeks later my world was forever changed. My very good friend’s 4 year old son was lost in a car accident. This little boy I watched grow in his momma’s belly. I held him at 1 day old. One day he was just… gone. My heart broke. I KNEW this little boy. I love his momma very much. But still I couldn’t imagine. I still wasn’t a mother.


I found out I was pregnant soon after. I was beyond ecstatic. As my baby grew inside me I found sweet Hayden (never far from my mind) was in my thoughts constantly. When I held my baby boy in my arms for the first time I finally began to be able to imagine.

I am not the  best with getting my thoughts and feelings out. But this one thing has impacted my life in a way I really could never have imagined. As I look at my now 2 year old and think of sweet Hayden at this age and how fast time slips by. Hayden would have been 7 years old today. Yet he never made it to his fifth birthday. I will blink and my William will be 4. The same age Hayden will forever be. As I watch my baby grow I hold him at night and my heart shatters knowing that his momma can never hold her little boy again. Finally I CAN imagine and it breaks me. I will never utter the words “I know what you are going through” because I don’t. No one does. But I can imagine. And it rips me to pieces.
I know that this changed the way I had thought I would parent. Had I planned to breastfeed my boy for over two years? No. I couldn’t “imagine” nursing a baby over 1 year old. But here I am and love the time I spend creating this special bond with my son. Did I plan on cosleeping with my child? No. But here I am and I love the middle of the night snuggles. He is nearing the time when he will be ready to start sleeping in his own room. Did I ever think that it would be ME who isn’t ready? No. But again. Here I am. I have to treasure every single moment I have because in the  blink of an eye everything can change. And I CAN imagine.

BF 2 yearsPrecious moments

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Horrible at 30 day challenges   Leave a comment

As I said… I’m obviously horrible at 30 day challenges. Even ones that I set for myself!

Last night brought a new first. My not so little baby is becoming more and more interested in the potty. He discovered that he can use his little potty (the lid closes to before a step stool) to to stand on and get himself on the big potty. He spent a good 5 minutes last night getting on and off. Of course he got off and promptly peed on the floor facing away from the toilet but hey… Nobody said this potty training thing is easy for either party.


And yes I know he will one day thank me for posting such awesome details about his most embarrassing moments. All I can say is thank the runny baby Jesus that social media was not around when I was potty training.

I also discovered last night that he has his first Two Year Molar coming in. I was suspicious because he’s been cranky the last couple of says and restless the last couple of nights. Gave him a little Tylenol at bedtime last night and we miraculously slept all night (well pretty much. I still wake up at least twice to look at him and make sure he’s still breathing).


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The Countdown has begun   Leave a comment

In thirty days my baby will turn two YEARS old. I can’t for the life of me figure out where this time has gone. It just slips by so fast in the day to day living we do. I am so thankful for the technology that allows me to capture my sweet boy’s life on “film.”


I’m going to attempt to do my own 30 day blog challenge. Counting down the days until the big day! Wish me luck as I’m horrible with those photo a day challenges.

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The Little Things   Leave a comment

After hearing of the awful events of yesterday I could not bring myself to Google or read the any news links posted about Boston. I am so saddened and disheartened that people can do evil things like setting of bombs in crowds of people. So I did my own form of burying my head in the sand and spent the afternoon playing outside with the light of my life. He just knows the exact thing to do to make Mommy feel better when she’s feeling down.


Yes he was pinching my face but that didn’t matter once he planted that precious kiss on my lips.

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Sweet snuggles   Leave a comment


It isn’t often anymore that i get to snuggle with my big 18 month old during naptime so I’m cherishing this moment. I got off work early to file our homestead exemption since today was deadline (yes procrastinators are us). It didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would
so Mr W and I were back home in time to catch a “quick” nap… He has been asleep on me for going on two hours and I don’t mind one little bit. We seem to rush so much doing this or going somewhere that these little moments are too few and far between and don’t seem to be properly appreciated. So…. I’m taking the time to snuggle and kiss my baby’s head. Everything else can wait.

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There comes a time…   Leave a comment

There comes a time where you look at you little baby to realize that he’s not a little baby anymore. He is a walking, semi-talking, eating TODDLER! When did my snuggly little squish graduate to Toddler status? How can 16 months have already passed by since I held him in my arms for the first time? It’s been a blink of an eye. But so many things have happened in that blink!

Mr W learned to Crawl

rouble in the making

My little bit turned ONE!

Got cake!

We built and moved into our first home!

Our Home

William learned to Walk!!

2012-11-28_Fall lake William

Halloween and First Trick or Treating Experience

IMG_1734 2012-11-01_16-33-40_810IMG_1769

IMG_1860 IMG_1852

Celebrated William’s 2nd Thanksgiving in Johnson City


Mommy’s 30th Birthday


First Christmas in Our New Home!

Christmas Card 2012 IMG_1910 IMG_2137 IMG_2068

2012 sure flew by! And here we are already into the second month of 2013! Watching William learn new things is so fun and the highlight of every day. Coming up is his second Valentine’s Day. I’m looking forward to making his V-Day outfit (well his shirt anyway) and the Valentines for his friends. If I can just find the time! Oh the life of a busy working mom… 🙂

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